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Finding meaningful Christmas gifts for a large family remains one of life’s greatest challenges. But in 2005 I hit a home run. I gathered some old windows my son discarded when he updated his home and put pictures in them.  Years of photographs taken while the kids were growing up, placed inside the window frames, made that Christmas very special.

Copious hours working with different sized and shaped frames created a one-of-a-kind gift for each child,’s family.  Some included photos taken only weeks before, while others dated back 20-something years.

My expectations soared as the time of unveiling neared.  With stockings carefully hung on the mantle and visions of sugarplums dancing in the air, that Christmas I experienced the true wonder of gift giving.  My children’s sincere expressions of delight, complete with tears of joy and shouts of surprise, reinforced my deepest belief in the importance of family.

That was only the beginning of the surprises.   After they took their frames home, never did I imagine their friends’ reactions.   They desired them for their families, also. A business was birthed.

Twelve years of continuously improving our craftsmanship reignites the excitement of that first Christmas when customer see their frame the first time.  Many react the same as my children.  It thrills us to know that for decades to come, one of our frames will help preserve the memories of the love and sacrifice people invested in their families.

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