Prices - windowsbye

Original photos or digital images work best.  We supply a private gallery into which you may upload them.  Mail us your older paper photos for scanning into your gallery.  We carefully safeguard all photos until promptly returned.

You will receive a link to your private gallery which you may share with others you want involved in the process of designing your one-of-a-kind frame.

Choose between various gallery samples until  you match your decor's best fit.

Additional sizes are available. 

Call 205-243-7337 for additional information or send us a message using the link below:

$360 (add $50 for customizations)

  • 6-pane02
  • 6-pane03

$480 (add $50 for customizations)

  • 8-pane02
  • 8-pane01

$540 (add $50 for customizations)

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