Our Story

Finding meaningful Christmas gifts for a large family remains one of life’s greatest challenges. But in 2005 I hit a home run. I gathered some old windows my son discarded when he updated his home and put pictures in them. Years of photographs taken while the kids were growing up, placed inside the window frames, made that Christmas very special.

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Contact: Elizabeth Atchley
Phone: 205-243-1014

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Our Product

Singer Bob Dylan once said, “Take care of all your memories. For you cannot relive them.” Unfortunately, even the best memories fade over time. which explains the value of photographs: they remind us of the precious times we enjoy with family and friends.

Windows by E. handcrafts old window frames into one-of-a-kind picture frames.

As heirloom masterpieces, they continually reflect your memories the way you want them remembered.

Our Prices

A six-pane window frame costs $360.00, which is $60.00 per pane.

Additional charges apply to custom services, such as enlarging an image to span multiple panes.

Customers usually prefer to personally pick up their frames, but we have shipped several frames to other states.

We work best with high-resolution images, usually delivered on a CD or across the internet. However, if you need an outdoor family photographer, we lower our sitting fee to $50.00 when you purchase a frame.

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